Reina tells us about the Firesmart Community

Hi everyone,

I am full of enthusiasm for our upcoming community evening, I believe all of us “the residents of Otatara” have the passion and knowledge to ensure Otatara will retain its natural beauty for generations to come, by being a “Firesmart” community.

It was amazing to hear from other Community groups around NZ at the recent FRFANZ conference in Queenstown that I attended. We had some inspirational speakers, Peter Kenyon has such a light-hearted way of reaching out and getting the attention of the entire room and Dan Neely from Social Media Emergency Management (SMEM) had plenty to say on the role of the Media and Facebook and how we have the world at our fingertips, such a great source of unlimited knowledge and help, his message was definitely to move into the 21st century and embrace our technology.

Each group had a representative attend to give a talk on how they have come together as a community, the problems we all face, trying to get the numbers up and as a group we were able to put forward suggestions and ideas on how we could move forward to create a safer environment for our community. The common goal is to build our firesmart Community to be so strong, that we no longer unintentionally place our own homes and that of our neighbours at risk.

See you on 29th

Reina Robinson

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