Southland Community Nursery

The Community Nursery in Grant Road Otatara has been running for over 10 years. Every Friday from October to July Chris Rance is at the nursery to give advice and help volunteers grow native plants for their restoration projects or gardens.

It’s a nursery that doesn’t sell plants! The nursery is a place where volunteers come, propagate their own native plants, with our guidance, care for them at the nursery then take them away for free. We started because like many people we knew were embarking on a very long term restoration project needing thousands of plants. The cost of buying plants is high and most plants sold in nurseries are not grown from local areas. We collect all our own seed, hold propagation workshops and produce fact sheets to give information for those new to restoration or new to Southland. We recommend the native species that will grow best for your situation.

We estimate that in 10 years over 80,000 native plants have been grown in the nursery and have improved the Southland environment. Over 2000 people have visited the nursery as well as over 400 school children. The nursery has become a community hub with regular and new volunteers enjoying a social and stimulating environment, as well as great morning teas! Many new friends have been made. Overseas volunteers also work in the nursery each year.

The nursery is open on Fridays (please phone first), we don’t sell plants, but give our time and advice freely. If you are interested in coming along phone Chris and Brian 213 1161 or look at our web site: “Southland Community Nursery

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